Hey Pro-Am Teams!

Can’t believe that this event is already here! A few points of order as we get ready to run the contests May 30-31 and June 6-7. Remember that the weigh in for the first weekend is Krull Park in Olcott, where it was last year. The second weekend is at Bootleggers Cove Marina in Wilson (the old Beccue Boat Basin and Sunset Bay Marina).

Captain’s and Observer’s Meetings: In an effort to simplify things, both captain’s/observer’s meetings will be held on Friday night May 29 and June 5 at the Wilson Fire Company, 250 Young Street, Wilson where we held the meeting the last couple of years. Doors open at 5 pm; meeting is underway at 6 pm. Hopefully we can get out of there by 7 pm…bring just Captain and Observer from your team there. This is mandatory!

Remember that the Don Johannes and Pete DeAngelo Memorial Three-fish, One-fish Derby will be each Friday this year and you must be registered by 7 am the mornings of the events. Sign up in Wilson at Bootleggers or the Gas Shack; at The Boat Doc or the Slippery Sinker in Olcott. Weigh in at Clark’s Park the first weekend; Bootleggers the second weekend.

Lil Skippers in Wilson Harbor (being run by tournament maven Penny Hartman) is now open. Located near the Gas Shack in Wilson Boatyard, they will be offering a variety of services during the tournament(s):

“We will be offering Breakfast sandwiches, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, Danish, breakfast burritos, and subs for anyone in the morning. We will be open @ 4 am for the tournament and have all pre orders ready by 4:45 am. You can call me at 716-628-2361 for all pre orders. Please give me some time in advance to make sure I have all you want.

When you return I will also have a full menu as well.  Our normal hours are Monday-Friday from 11 am-7 pm and Sat. –Sun. from 6am-7pm. Thank you in advance for your support of Lil Skippers. If you are pre-fishing the tournament and would like anything, please don’t hesitate to call. I’m available to run down and get you what you need. 

We will be accepting credit cards and cash for all orders.” 

Incidentally, anyone in the Trophy and Classic Divisions in Wilson must leave your disclaimers with Penny at the Gas Shack starting at 5 am each day, both weekends.

See everyone Friday night!


Bill Hilts, Jr.